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What is a money coach?

A Money Coach works with you to clarify your goals, design a personalized plan to address your most important financial concerns, and guide, encourage, and motivate you to act to achieve the life you want.

A Money Coach charges a fee for financial advice, they don't sell investments, insurance or financial products. There sole interest is to guide you to your financial success.

Is a financial advisor the same as a money coach?

Financial Advisor is a term that covers a wide range of roles. When you think of a financial advisor, what most people are really thinking of is an investment advisor – someone that sells investments and manages investment portfolios.

A Money Coach is a different kind of Financial Advisor. A Financial Coach is someone who looks at your entire financial picture. Not just investments, but also cash flow, debt, banking, money management habits, etc. They also help to create a plan to so you can achieve your goals and relieve yourself of the stresses of money that weighs us down. Ultimately, a Money Coach is focused on improving your overall financial well-being.

Whats the process on how you deal with your clients?

1. We like to have a free initial consultation to make sure we are a right fit for you and vise versa. We are here to help you  & we don't want anybody paying for something that isn't a right fit for them.


2. We get to know you, your life, financial situation, your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Where do your dreams take you?


3. Based on that, we will look at how to get where you want to be, and show you how to get there.


4. We will then stay in contact you to keep you motivated and eager to achieve the goals that have been set in front of you with a proven plan do get out of debt and start building wealth. 

Where do you work with your clients?

We can work anywhere that is most comfortable for you. We can work online, over the phone, in person at your home, a coffee shop, or at my personal home, or at an office in St. Albert.

Is my financial information kept private?

Our clients privacy of information is of utmost importance to us. Follow the link to see our privacy statement. 

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