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Passionate About Showing Others How To Win With Money

I grew up a regular kid, in a regular home, with parents that were divorced. I lived with my Mom and she worked very hard to give me everything I could have asked for, you may even say I was quite spoiled! What I didn't have was a clue about money and I don't blame my parents for that at all. If you don't know about something yourself, how do you teach it to your kids...


As a young adult I made a multitude of bad  financial decisions that had me travelling down a road that wasn't leading me down a path of wealth, far from it. The thing is ,I wasn't bothered by it, not even a little. As I approached my mid 30's nothing had changed, I still spent how I wanted to spend, bought what I wanted and racked up debt. Shortly after the mid 30's milestone, something changed. Maybe it was the debt mounting, maybe it was my kids and the thought of the legacy I wasn't going to leave for them, maybe it was my wife scared on how we were going to retire.


I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I wasn't going to let debt and credit card companies rule our lives anymore! At one point we were over $100,000 in debt not including our home. In years past, we slowly paid some of it off but when we finally decided  that we had enough, our family ended up paying off over $50,000.00 of debt in 12 months.

financial freedom

This story, my story, is why AE Money Solutions exists, your story, is why we were built. I want others to feel the same relief our family has felt from the freedom of debt, contributing to our retirement on a regular basis, funding our kids RESP (education fund), and teaching our kids money habits at an early age. 

If you're looking for a magic formula or serum to your money problems, you wont find it here. If you're looking for a way to put yourself on a path to building wealth and leaving a legacy. If you're just sick and tired of being sick and tired, stressed and don't know what else to do, I can show you how to do that!

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